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The Digital Age of Sports Viewing


By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Staff

Technology has made it possible to watch the Superbowl from the comfort of your sofa, or on the go on your phone. You can also watch international sports through your phones, computers and tablets. What makes this trend fascinating is how interactive you can be with the athletes.

Being able to tweet an NBA star during the finals, or chatting on Facebook about the recent draft, really bring the love of the game to new heights.

So, how can sports managers utilize digital marketing in their careers? One option is through education, and building effective marketing plans. Interested in hearing more? Check out the podcast below. We recently interviewed Brian Freeland, Program Director for Sports Management at APU, and Dr. Spiro Doukas a faculty member at APU on digital sports viewing and how to utilize the new technology and skills in your sports management career.

Learn more about your education options in sports management at APU.

The Digital Age of Sports Viewing by APUS