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Considering a Company’s Culture


By N. Cooper

Online Career Tips Staff

The other day, we had a discussion about Zappo’s at work.


Zappo’s is widely known for having an amazing company culture; culture that includes weekly parades (that feature random acts of kindness and pictures with the paraders for employees), customer loyalty training (for all employees… and it concludes with a $2000 offer to quit, as in, don’t come back to work tomorrow — less than 1% of people take this offer), and more.  You can check out their blogs, YouTube Channel, Facebook page and website to learn more; and it’s obvious that Zappo’s employees work in a fun, safe, comfortable, supportive environment.  It’s obvious that the vast majority of them love their jobs, their company and their customers.

For me personally, company culture has ALWAYS been a huge factor when contemplating my next employer.  I know that I can do my job, and do a great job at it just about anywhere.  But, I also know that I wouldn’t be happy just anywhere.  I took one job once, out of desperation from getting laid off, that really didn’t align with who I was, the folks there were much older, much more conservative, much more quiet. No one had any fun; fun, actually, was frowned upon.  Square peg, round hole! It was not a fun 7 months.  I learned.

When job hunting, it’s important to find a position that suits you.  IMO, doing a job you enjoy is half the battle… and it’s part of what makes “WORK” something other than a dreaded four-letter word.  I feel like for most folks, this is a given.  People are generally looking for positions that they want, would like, and feel like would be a good fit.

My advice would be to take that mentality one step further: does the company suit you? Is the culture what you want? Will you feel comfortable here? Do you fit in with the people?  This, I believe, is the other half of the battle.  If you find a place where you feel at home, and dare I even say part of a family, waking up every morning isn’t half as difficult.

When applying for jobs, make a priority list.  What’s most important to you? Is it pay? Perhaps it’s location/commute. Maybe it’s that the company treat you to lunch weekly; whatever it is, jot it down. Put it on paper.  Take your top one or two priorities and don’t compromise. You’ll find that you’ll be infinitely happier once you find the perfect fit for you!



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