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A Logistics Lesson: Turning Back to the American Revolution


By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Staff

If you’ve ever wondered how the American Revolution, supply chain management, and the logistics industry can relate then this radio show will explain it all.

This month’s “Road Scholar” on the Dave Nemo radio show was APU professor Stanley D.M. Carpenter, who was asked to explain mishaps on the side of the British during the American Revolution. He related their supply and logistics strategy to the current industry. Topics ranged from transporting goods across seas, supply requests from commanders, logistical planning, and escorts needed to prevent piracy. Of course needs have changed decades since, but their poor planning is something to learn from and be improved upon.

To get a deeper perspective into this industry, as well as a new take on a fight centuries old, listen to Professor Carpenter’s lesson on the “Logistics of the American Revolution.”

[audio:http://wpc.242f.edgecastcdn.net/00242F/audio/Road-Scholar-0129.mp3|titles=Turning Back to the American Revolution|artists=Professor Carpenter]