The Big Problem With LinkedIn’s List of Top Skills

In the 2020 LinkedIn “Skills Companies Need Most List,” I encourage the company to begin using the term “professional skills” or preferably “leadership skills” to designate what they now refer to as “soft skills.” Let’s raise the perception and understanding of what it means to be a leader, and to develop one’s professional skills. There’s nothing soft about that.


How to Make Lifting Up Young Entrepreneurs Your Legacy

How can leaders make time to help the next generation? Think about it from a business perspective: 86% of U.S. consumers want companies to be more socially responsible, and there’s no telling what valuable connections might come from mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs.


Workplace Trend: Stress Is On the Rise

The good news is if you’re fortunate enough to have a low-stress manager, it can make a real positive difference in your daily experience of work. The bad news – the workplace stress needle is moving in the wrong direction.