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Professional Responsibility to Your LinkedIn Network

Recently as I was reviewing my LinkedIn profile, I noticed my feed had a list of suggested “people I may know.”  I found the list somewhat puzzling as it included people who seemed outside of my professional spectrum.  I became increasingly curious as to what I may have in common with them. Why does LinkedIn recommend them? Moreover, will connecting with the following individuals bring professional value to me?

Career Search: Screening a Potential Employer

By Latanya Hughes
Faculty Member, School of Business at American Public University

When job candidates seek a career, many candidates only look at the description of the position and the requirements. They examine whether the job requires travel or if it has remote working options. They investigate every detail of the position, but they fail to screen the employer. How do you go about screening a potential employer?

Social Media Marketing: It’s About Building Relationships

By Lee Westell
Principal – New Media Marketing Strategies, LLC.  And APUS Industry Advisory Council Member

Social media means big business. Statista, a leading online statistics portal, projects by the end of 2015, worldwide social commerce revenue will reach $30 billion. In my work with companies, here’s what I’m seeing as the top three problems companies have when using social media.

LinkedIn as a Career Motivator

By Rowe Leathers
Contributor, Career Services

There is no bigger career motivator than the fear that comes from seeing your friends and colleagues move forward in their career when you are feeling stagnant. A new title in a LinkedIn profile is evidence that colleagues in your circle are progressing forward in their careers, and that realization can leave you questioning your own career journey. Rather than letting fear make you second guess your career decisions, allow the feeling to motivate you to step up to new challenges and branch out into new areas of your profession.