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Don't Get Disciplined: 5 Things You Should Not Do at Work

By Dr. John D. Moore
Online Career Tips, Special Contributor

As a career counselor and college educator, I have worked with scores of people who have found themselves in deep trouble with their employer because they unintentionally did some things that caused them to be disciplined. The “penalties” run the gamut – from having to endure an informal “sit-down” talk with the boss to a formal write up that is placed in the employee’s file. Other behaviors, however, have resulted in more serious actions – meaning termination.

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Annual Review Time Tip: Update Your Job Description

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

Getting ready for your upcoming annual review? Before you start digging through emails for compliments and all the projects you’ve worked on, hold off and pull up your original job description. With your highlighter at the ready emphasize all the tasks you still manage, and make notes if those specific responsibilities have increased.

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5 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

By Justin Wilson

LinkedIn is a massive social network – with over 350 million members, it is the world’s third largest social network, behind only Facebook and Twitter. However, lots of members does not mean that everyone is doing it right – for example, 50% of Twitter users have never actually sent a tweet.

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Should You Join Every New Social Network?

By Stephanie Vermillion

As PR pros, should we sign up for every new social network? I vote yes, but only if it’s a personal account. Sure, this can get out of control quickly (who wants 800 emails from 800 social sites?), but being personally on top of the latest sites with the greatest brand potential increases your value to clients.

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8 Dos And Don’ts Of Networking Follow Up

By Jenny Klimisch

There are networking opportunities everywhere and whether it’s at a trade show, conference, meetup, or even chatting with someone on your commute you need to make the most of every opportunity because you never know who you might meet! Here are eight actionable dos and don’ts for following up with someone in a professional way after you’ve connected:

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What Triggers Improved Job Performance?

By Dr. Bruce A. Johnson
Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor

When asked about performance on the job people often point to specific circumstances, which may include a perception about their employer, a supervisor or manager, or their daily working conditions. They will go into detail about key factors that encourages or discourages their willingness to be fully engaged in their work. What if you discovered that the only thing that matters is your perspective of work itself and you are responsible for how well you perform?

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Managing Relationships on LinkedIn

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

LinkedIn has added functionality to help you track your relationships with the people who you connect with there. These tools are a great way to enhance your current networking experience.

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LinkedIn Highlights, Trends + Near Misses

By Colleen McKenna 

My preferred title for this blog was “Hey LinkedIn, Take a Vacation” but I thought better of it. I like the people at LinkedIn and I didn’t want them to take it the wrong way. But, really? I like change but LinkedIn has rolled it out big time this year. If you’re not studying what’s happening on LinkedIn you’ll miss the big and the little stuff and have no idea what’s going on and where to go. LinkedIn members would be well served if LinkedIn took a week (or a month) off and went to the beach in order to let their members catch up with all the changes, big and small.

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