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Future of Work: Using Gamification For Human Resources

By Jeanne Meister

2015 will be the year gamification inside the workplace migrates from a few isolated pilots to a new way to engage and recognize high performing employees. Gaming concepts have begun working their way into key HR processes in two ways: as a serious game such as the example below from PwC in recruiting new job candidates to cloud based gamification engines offered by Badgeville, BunchBall and Axonify.

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Don't Get Disciplined: 5 Things You Should Not Do at Work

By Dr. John D. Moore
Online Career Tips, Special Contributor

As a career counselor and college educator, I have worked with scores of people who have found themselves in deep trouble with their employer because they unintentionally did some things that caused them to be disciplined. The “penalties” run the gamut – from having to endure an informal “sit-down” talk with the boss to a formal write up that is placed in the employee’s file. Other behaviors, however, have resulted in more serious actions – meaning termination.

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No Promotion? What to Do When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

By Dr. Chuck Russo
Program Director, Criminal Justice at American Military University

When you don’t earn a promotion that you feel you deserve, expect to feel surprise, anger, confusion, frustration, hurt, and disappointment. It seems unfair to be passed over when you have proven you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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The Do-Over: How to Correct a Bad First Impression

By Kristi Hedges

Last year I wrote about the nature of first impressions. We’re continually told of the importance of making positive first impressions, especially given how quickly we determine them. Some research suggests that first impressions can be so powerful that they’re weighed more heavily than fact. We know that making a good first impression is critical to success in both our jobs and personal lives, but the fact is that sometimes we flub them. Whether because of pressure, nervousness, a wrong approach, or distraction, we don’t always show up the way we intended.

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Striking Your Work-Life Balance: Recharging Your Mental and Physical Batteries

By Nick Huang

We all want success, yet an ‘all work and no play’ attitude quickly depletes us of energy, and seeks a contrary effect. Therefore, aside from making way toward more money and prestige, we must ensure that time is reserved for relaxation and rest.

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Work Spouse? Just Break it Off

By J. Thompson
Online Career Tips Contributor

In other scenarios, you may inadvertently draw battle lines with other people or groups that don’t share the same alliance regarding project decisions, advancement, compensation and perks. Conversely, if someone comes to you having issues with your work spouse that need to be addressed, can you truly make impartial decisions?

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Improve the View from Your Work Silo

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

We all know that having people work in silos isn’t the desirable way to operate a business. Yet, many of us do. Some of the sure signs are a limited range of work and minimal interactions with other teams. Like the storage silos found on farms, work silos are places with no view beyond the inside of one area of the operation.

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Procrastinating? Try This Quick, Easy Trick to Get on Track

By Deborah Jian Lee

To stop procrastination in its tracks, try this one cognitive-behavioral therapy trick called “The Five-Minute Rule.” All you do is pick one task and commit to doing it for five minutes. You can stop after that, but most likely you won’t want to because you’ve already build momentum. Sometimes all it takes to get a project underway is the simple act of starting.

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