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Will Brand Journalism Take Over Traditional Public Relations?

Has brand journalism replaced standard company communication? This APUS vlog reviews some of the key takeaways from a marketing and branding conference.

What Compensation Package Do You Want at Your Next Job?

Having the total picture is crucial before you accept a position. Many organizations keep employees informed of their total compensation package.

How Networking Can Help You Find More Success in Your Job Search and Career

Professional networking can be key to your job search and career success. Here are some tips to ensure your networking is successful.

Job-Hunting Tips: When Does a Lateral Move Make Sense?

I once made a lateral move because it made sense. As a result, my newly acquired skills positioned me for opportunities beyond the career field I was in.

A Job Vacancy Ad Doesn't Need to Look Like a Wish List

Are companies not presenting their vacancies correctly? If a job vacancy ad is not a good reflection of the job, the company loses good candidates.

Am I the Only One Stressed about Retirement?

Sit down with a Certified Financial Planner in your early 40's to determine where you stand financially and what is missing from your retirement plans.

Want a Secret to Professional Success? Start Failing More

Think of each failure as a brick paving the road to your success. Wake up tomorrow morning, seize the day and fail at something new!

Identifying Your Persona: Do You Know How to Answer the Question 'Who Are You?'

How do you respond when people ask, "Who are you?" Does it take people a long time to get to know the real you and understand your persona?

Job-Hunting Tips: Don't Wait until January and September to Apply for Jobs

January and September have always been popular months to look for a new job. However, I noticed a lot of job-hunting activity during the summer months.