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Why Creating a Fun Work Environment Motivates Workers and Boosts Productivity

Fun can open authentic lines of communication as well as foster mutual respect for co-workers. Energize your workplace by creating a culture of fun.

Technology Versus Human Workers: What Will Happen in Our Future?

We must figure out a way to move to the front of technology, instead of having technology dictate our work and eventually put us out of work.

The Multiple Benefits of Hiring Overqualified Job Candidates

When the Forbes Coaches Council discussed overqualified job candidates this year, the prevailing thought was that a person could still be hired.

How Much Is Too Much Email Communication?

In general, marketers should aim for once-a-week emails for information on promotions, coupons, or discounts.

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders for Today's Workplace

APU professors Dr. Suzanne Minarcine, Dr. Cassandra Shaw and Dr. Marie Gould Harper offer their perspectives on training the next generation of leaders.

STEM Careers Require Knowledge, Adaptability and Soft Skills

In the STEM field, it is necessary to be adaptable. In this vlog, Dr. Danny Welsch and Courtney Bousquet offer guidance for people pursuing STEM careers.

Cultural Fit: Assessing if a New Company Is Right for You

With some extra effort to determine cultural fit during the interview process, you improve your chances of avoiding a toxic work environment.

Higher Education Must Develop the Whole Person for Success

As members of the higher education community, we should develop the whole person and prepare our students to succeed in the workplace.

It's Not Always Your Qualifications that Land You a Job

When job candidates are equal, a recruiting team looks at other aspects of a candidate's resume or characteristics that stand out in an interview.