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Charlottesville: Why Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Programs Are Still Needed

Politicians on both sides of the aisle publicly came forth and condemned the actions that occurred in Charlottesville. But what can organizations do?

Can the Myers-Briggs Personality Test Determine If You Are a Good Fit for a Job?

You cannot be happy performing a job if you are miserable at work. Use your Myers-Briggs profile to determine if you will be a good fit.

Learn to Appreciate the People Who Follow Your Leadership

Employees treat me the way that I treat them. They respect my leadership, but they will give their all when I show genuine interest in their concerns.

Librarians and Information Management Professionals: It’s Time to Combat Fake News

Fake news has gotten out of hand in our society. Librarians and information management (IM) professionals can be leaders in getting fake news under control.

Leadership and the Importance of Significance over Success

Significance means a relentless pursuit of helping others to find success and creating success for ourselves in the process.

Can Employees Work Remotely and Be Productive?

Astute company leaders should assess how the organization can utilize technology that will make remote workers a success.

Will Google Keep Its Ranking as a Great Place to Work?

Google is considered one of the best companies for employees. So I was surprised by recent news articles probing into Google’s cultural and employee issues.

Walmart Adopting Facial Recognition Technology to Help Unhappy Shoppers

My interest was piqued when I read that Walmart plans to develop facial recognition technology to detect frustrated and unhappy shoppers.

Six Steps to Shine at the National Security Virtual Career Fair

Excitement is building for the upcoming August National Security VCF. The list of participating employers increases daily and represents an impressive group of federal agencies and private organizations seeking to share insights about job openings with AMU and APU students.