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Now, Americans Are More Satisfied with Their Employers and Jobs

Fifty-one percent of American workers are satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their jobs. That’s the highest level of satisfaction in more than a decade.

Another Role for College Instructors: Accidental Writing Coaches for Their Students

Most professors do not critically edit their students’ writing or offer much writing style guidance. This practice often causes confusion for students.

Different Recruiting and Training Techniques Have Changed Firefighting

Firefighting education and training starts as early as high school. Because of strict standards, we must have a large pool of interested applicants.

Leaving Your Workplace: Why Not 'Graduate' from That Job You No Longer Enjoy?

If you want different things, you have to be willing to do things differently. Sometimes that requires taking a chance and leaving, based on faith alone.

Planting the Seeds of Change: Discussing Biases to Ensure a Diverse Workplace

Biases don’t have to be blatant to be offensive. Let’s provide employees with a safe, authentic environment for an open forum or focus group session.

Prepare for a STEM Career through Our STEM VCF, Company Recruiters and Career Services

As you prepare for the upcoming STEM VCF on October 25, it is essential for you to understand that VCFs are opportunities to connect with recruiters.

How Should You Act when Workplace Culture Goes Awry?

Workplaces have a diverse population. Unfortunately, we have employees who bring their baggage, insecurities and dysfunctions into the workplace culture.

Does Your Brand Have a Memorable Origin Story?

Does every origin story have to invoke a throat-clenching or fist-pumping emotion? No. It’s how you tell that story that makes the difference.

Best Practices Can Result in Profits when All Employees Agree to Organizational Changes

How do we learn? What is the best way for co-workers to "buy in"? These questions are the starting point for any organization making organizational changes.