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How (and Why) to Commit to Investing in Your Future Leaders

It’s practically a cliché by now to suggest that leaders aren't born – they're made. More accurately, we must learn to be leaders. And that means encouraging great leadership qualities... and investing in tomorrow's leaders.

5 Keys To Authentic Leadership

Hardly theoretical, authentic leadership is something that can be used and applied on a day-to-day basis, and it is needed now more than ever.

Why Amazon's Whole Foods Purchase Ushers in a New Age of Acquisition Possibilities

Amazon is cutting out the middle man. Whole Foods is a successful brand unto itself, so why not keep that branding and simply enhance it with the best parts of the business?

Skill Alignment: That’s What Really Counts For Today’s Ambitious Professional

It's skill alignment that really counts in today's workforce. Which means occasionally taking a risk and embracing new challenges in order to learn and broaden your outlook.

How Fatherhood Affected These Businesses

We know necessity is the mother of invention. But this Father's Day, we wanted to take a look at the impact becoming a dad had on a few businesses. It's a fun day to see how parenthood created an "aha" moment for a few dad-preneurs.

US Still the Only Industrialized Nation without a Paid Maternity Leave Law

The United States remains the only industrialized nation without a paid family maternity leave law.

US Needs More Than a Simple Replacement of Obamacare

Although there were some serious areas of concern with the House bill, several Republicans who had been on the fence finally voted for it after some compromises were negotiated. All 193 Democrats opposed the bill, along with 20 moderate Republicans. The House bill is now in the Senate where its fate is unknown.

Are You on Portfolium? Take the First Portfolium Challenge!

In March 2017, APU Career Services launched Portfolium — an exciting online networking platform that allows our students and alumni to share their work, demonstrate high-value skills, and connect with future employers. Over 17,000 students, alumni and faculty have joined our online community thus far.

How You Can Build a Leadership Development Program through Peer Support

Leadership Development programs have been under attack during the last couple of years because the results have not been promising. Some companies justify the implementation of programs, such as a leadership development initiative, based on what someone else has done. What’s wrong with that?