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Struggling with Indecision? Career Exploration to the Rescue!

With the amount of time and resources spent in developing your professional identity, how can you ensure the right career decisions are made each time? Well, you may never really know for sure, but chances are significantly greater when you make time for career exploration.

Crossing Industry Boundaries with a Portable Career

Feeling anxious about the upcoming Public Safety and Health Virtual Career Fair (VCF)? There are multiple opportunities with a portable career.

The Path to the Perfect Cover Letter

The first step to writing an outstanding cover letter is to make sure the reader views it as a complementary document to your resume. Your cover letter and resume should be a matching set.

Creating Your Workplace Identity

How you meld your own goals into the dynamics of your workplace will shape and define your office personality. Crafting a workplace identity should be a strategy and not just an outcome.

What Not to Wear and Other Interviewing Mistakes

A friend of mine recently told me a story about one candidate who was so ill-prepared for her interview that my friend thought she was being pranked. Here are some interview "don'ts" to avoid, as unfortunately demonstrated by said candidate.

Looking Ahead to APUS Virtual Career Fairs in 2017

APUS Virtual Career Fairs (VCFs) have created successful connections between students, alumni and our network of employers. Last year, nearly 100 organizations participated in more than 1,500 chat sessions. The Dept. of Career Services is gearing up for more in 2017.

How to Create Professional Opportunities Instead of Waiting for Them

If I were to give one piece of advice to a job seeker, it’s to stop waiting. Go out and create opportunities; they’re out there. Take a look below for tips on how to develop opportunities instead of hoping one is around the next corner.

#WhiteLiesOnMyResume: The Implications

It’s a competitive market, and it can be tempting to embellish on some accomplishments or your experience for you to feel that you have the edge needed to make it to the interview process. That is intentionally misleading your future employer and took careful thought. But what you may not think about too closely is a quick tweet or post about what you lied about. The disturbing reality is that people are actually participating, but what’s more troubling is that people lied in the first place. There are serious implications to falsifying information on your resume, and it is best that you are educated on what, exactly, could happen to you should that information be found by your employer:

Label Loyalty in the Job Marketplace

There are large global companies, whose notoriety makes them highly sought after by job applicants. The key to remember is those companies are usually not the only entities putting out quality products or services in that industry.