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3 Ways Young Leaders Can Delegate More Effectively

Learning to delegate is a critical skill, especially for a young leader. If the art of allowing others to succeed on their own isn’t mastered, you may be doing more harm than good.

6 Soft Skills to Improve in 2017

Effective managers these days don’t have time for handholding or micromanaging an employee’s every move. Employers are looking for reliable self-starters who can do the job right the first time.

4 Things You Don't Need to Have a High-Performance Culture

Authenticity with who you are as a leader or founder can make all the difference for you and your organization. It helps you, as an individual, bring your best self to work each day and prevents the mental exhaustion that comes with pretending to be something you’re not.

Are Corporate Hierarchies Starting to Dissolve?

Most companies establish leadership in a board of directors, a C-suite of leaders in different departments, then levels from upper to lower management. However, this corporate hierarchy may be starting to fade away.

A Green Office Equals A Productive Office

A recent study from Harvard found that office design not only plays a huge role in our professional life, but can also have an impact on our well-being when we get home as well.

Are Resumes and CVs the Same?

The terms ‘resume’ and ‘CV’ are thrown around a lot, and often interchangeably. A resume and a CV are not one and the same and are often crafted for different audiences.

Don’t Get Stuck In The Wrong Job: Two Questions You Must Ask In Every Job Interview

Finding yourself in the wrong job, not because you lack the skills to do the job, but because the culture is a terrible fit, is a misery-invoking experience. And when it happens, it’s easy to wonder who is at fault: the company or the candidate?

Three Steps To Help You Overcome A Work Slump

One of the most common reasons executives suffer from the post-holiday blues is because they’re feeling overwhelmed. However, once you are back to the daily grind and staring at the piles of work that you still have to wade through, it’s easy for your motivation to wane.

Real Life Leadership Lessons from Real Life Leaders

I realized that leadership comes from a variety of people, in an array of industries. Here are some quotes from real people that are leading teams.