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Remote Working: The Do’s and Don’ts

If you're lucky enough to be able to work from home there are some guidelines you should stick to. To make the best impression on your boss, follow these do's...and avoid the do not's.

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Need a Concentration Boost? Take a Walk!

To get more motivated create a "concentration break" walk group with your colleagues. The time away from your desk will help lift your spirits, and trim down your waistline.

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Translation vs. Transposition: How to apply military experience in civilian markets

Admittedly, the lines connecting military experience and professions in the civilian sector are not always clear cut. In fact, the translation of military experience into civilian terms is not always easy—some ideas, experiences, skills, and qualifications may not always seem translatable, computable, or easily applicable.…

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5 Tips for Effective Personal Branding & Your Job Hunt

Here are some great tips on how to establish or clean up your personal brand and use it in your job hunt!

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Choose a Mentor at Work

If you want to know how the rockstar at work does it, ask them! Being mentored can be a great experience, and can lead to some great opportunities.

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Busy vs. Productive: What’s More Important to You?

For some, the 8 hour work day isn't enough, and for others it's way too much. So, here's the question you need to ask yourself...are you productive, or do you keep busy?

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Tidy Up Your Social Media Presence While On the Job Hunt

A lot of companies are going beyond the traditional background check. So even though you've never been in trouble with the law, it doesn't mean your hard partying or griping on social networks will be anymore appealing to a recruiter.

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The 14 unicorns of business

I remember writing a position paper as an undergraduate philosophy student, which, I suppose in some way, epitomizes how philosophy is sometimes characterized by popular culture: arcane, esoteric, and utterly preposterous (or bizarre). My target? I sought to expose the epistemological faults latent in empirical observation.…

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