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How to Organize Your Brain Virtually

By: J. Mason
Online Career Tips Staff

If you’re looking for a way to seamlessly dump out your brain then look no further then Thinkery. This web app is pretty brilliant, and very easy to sign-up.

There are other great web apps out there to put aside your thoughts, or notes from a recent work conference, but this one is as fluid as a top of the line smartphone. You have the ability to add your thoughts or do a search from the main page.

Interested in signing up? They have a “try it out” button on their homepage. You start typing in a note or a task and it automatically creates a private account for you to store your brain dump. So, no need up front to register before “test driving” the product.

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There’s an extension for Chrome you can easily add on, an import addition for Instapaper, and so much more. Depending on how your brain processes information, this may be a better fit from other similar note saving options on the market. So, the next time you’re sitting in a meeting or at a conference file your brain’s tidbits into Thinkery. The new perspective and app may help keep you better organized and on top of things.

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