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Talking Career Advancement With Your Boss? Be Clear and Direct.


Even though having regular on-on-one conversations with your boss can feel a bit daunting, it is absolutely necessary in order to focus your career track and keep moving forward.

Many employees think that their bosses know they are working their behinds off and doing a good job. They think this is enough to get them noticed and to put them in a good position for future advancement. The truth is if you go around quietly doing your job, you can get lost in the shuffle.

Someone who isn’t quite as exceptional as you may get promoted before you simply because they keep their supervisors abreast of what is happening, they demonstrate a willingness to engage in conversation and be a team player and they keep themselves out-there and seen.

If having a daily or weekly check-in meeting isn’t an option, before your scheduled annual review, sit down and have a very direct and pointed conversation with your boss about your future in the company. Stress that you want your job performance to meet the company’s goals. Share your own career goals with him or her and how you’d like to see your position grow.  Your boss will respect this display of confidence and maturity. Trust.

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