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Check Who Is In the “To” Field Before You Hit Send

Proofread, then send. Don't send information out to the wrong people, or too early. Save yourself the trouble and double check before you send.

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Weathering the storm

Without the prospect of a school delay or school cancellation, one would think adults would not have much to be happy about on the eve of a snowstorm. The hope felt by children eagerly anticipating a blizzard is somehow lost on adults tortured by the thought of hours of shoveling and an aching back.…

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How to compose an attention-grabbing cover letter

Like the façade on a building or a book’s cover, the cover letter is the first thing recruiters see when they receive a job application. Even though the old adage, “One should not judge a book by its cover,” is true, books are often judged not by the potentially insightful narrative contained within; but instead a warm reception is determined by its “cover.” Readers can be fickle, and if a book has been subjected to scorn or criticism or if it is declared a “bore” by the world’s preeminent literary critic, it is unlikely that readers will eagerly run to their nearest bookstore to purchase and peel back the pages of that book.…

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Tip of the Day: Make a Task List When You Work Remotely

Go old school and pull out a pen or pencil, and some paper for a to-do list while you work from your favorite spot at home.

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Maritime Risk: Live Webcast Event

Join American Public Univeristy and Maritime Professional on Wednesday, February 16 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. ET to discuss maintaining a healthy bottom line with other maritime professionals.

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Best Jobs in America

Did your job make the cut? Check out CNN Money’s list of top jobs in America. Great pay, superior growth potential, and doing work that’s meanigful are some of the leading factors that shaped this list.…

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Five Rules to Participating in Virtual Career Fairs

By Ryan Harding
Originally posted to Career Services Blog – Jan. 24, 2011

This past summer American Public University and American Military University held their first ever Virtual Career Fair through a virtual career management tool called NACElink.…

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Career IQ Trivia Week: Day 3

Today is the last day of our trivia week. Did you submit your answers the past couple days? If you didn't don't worry, today is your last day to come out on top!

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