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Salary secrecy

Like most college students, I used to work during my summer and winter breaks. Perhaps unlike some college students, I used to completely throw myself into my job. Even if I never received a literal pat on the back, I would, every now and again, receive a bonus.…

Shopping for a job this holiday

Every year, retailers gearing up for the holiday season bring on a large number of temporary workers whose job it will be to help manage hoards of consumers on peak shopping days throughout the season. However, wrangling shoppers is not the only job that becomes available during the holiday season.…

Careers in Transportation and Logistics Management

This webcast features experts from the transportation and logistics field discussing variety of career possibilities and opportunities available in the transportation industry. 


  • Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth, Program Director, Transportation and Logistics Management   American Public University
  • Phil Ratcliff, Vice President of Strategic Resources Panther Expedited Services
  • Irvin Varkonyi, Adjunct Professor of Transportation and Logistics Management American Public University

CareerBuilder and USA Today’s Q4 2010 Job Forecast, Part I

Like other job forecasts released each quarter this year by CareerBuilder and USA Today, the forecast for the fourth quarter contains more than a kernel of optimism. Overall, hiring has, according to the forecast, trended up with 24% (up from a projected 21%) of employers reporting that they had hired additional full-time permanent staff during the first three quarters of 2010.…