Supersize Your Resume with an ePortfolio

Now that you are ready to graduate, what do you plan for the future? Organizations look for people who bring new perspectives, creativity and life experiences to their teams.

Creating Organizational Change in the Workplace Through Neuroscience

People fear change, and the fear occurs in their head. An individual’s brain is designed to “be the fittest” and survive all threats. Change is perceived as a threat. Leaders must coach their followers from a cognitive perspective by getting into their heads and convincing them that the change is to help, not to destroy.



Go Digital in These 4 Areas to Improve Your Business Productivity

Companies today increasingly use information technology to improve their productivity in a number of key sectors. Consider going digital in the following areas to improve your business’s overall efficiency and boost your bottom line.

The Need for Legal Knowledge in the Modern Business Environment

Knowledge of employment law is of particular importance for the leaders of business and industry today. Everyone makes mistakes, but in the world of employment litigation, even a small oversight can lead to class-action lawsuits and tremendous financial expenses.