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How Will You Make 2015 a Better Year? From Hourly to Salary – the Pro’s and Con’s How Would You Categorize Your Career Resume Lifecycle: Process Guidance for the Right Career Perception

How Will You Make 2015 a Better Year?

By Rowe Leathers, GCDFContributor, Career Services With another year behind us, many are taking stock of their place in all aspects of life: family, personally, and professionally. A promotion in 2014 is strong validation that your career is on an upward trajectory. But what if you didn’t get a promotion? Does it mean that your career has reached a lull? Not necessarily. There are many factors affecting the momentum of your career that are out of your hands, but there are some you can direct.

From Hourly to Salary – the Pro’s and Con’s

Many people, myself included, have a moment in our professional lives when we decide to go from hourly to salary. When I received an offer for my first salaried job after working hourly positions since high school, I felt like I had finally “made it”. I was no longer measured by the numbers of hours worked but by the quality of the work I was doing. However, I failed to realize the cons of working a salaried position and began to miss the pros of working hourly.

How Would You Categorize Your Career

To quote the R&B group the O’Jays, “I love music.” Though unlike the O’Jay’s, I do not love just any kind of music, but prefer anything that can be considered funky. Typically, this includes Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Caribbean, roots Reggae, some Classical, R&B, and Rap. Music is a huge part of my life. When I am working, I usually listen to some type of music. I sing when I run, and when I am quiet, music is going through my mind.

Resume Lifecycle: Process Guidance for the Right Career Perception

By J. Mason Online Career Tips Editor Here, at Online Career Tips, we are focused on providing intellectually stimulating content in the realm of the professional sphere, as well as tips to help push you in the right direction. I have compiled a list below that will help you flow through the resume lifecycle with a little less turbulence.

4 Ways to Overcome a Lack of 'Relevant' Work Experience

By Ashley Stahl

If an opportunity speaks to you, don’t buy into the belief that you’re not “enough,” especially when the requirements are meaningless indicators of your potential. Overcoming that noise and negativity requires substantial mental fortitude, and your ability to meet those challenges head-on is indicative of the success you’ll find if you refuse to let the naysayers chase you away.

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Resume Facelift: How to Avoid Aging Yourself on Paper

By Cathy Francois
Contributor, Career Services

I believe that tenured professionals have a lot to offer employers, and many hiring managers appreciate the experience and knowledge that “seasoned” professionals bring. However, let’s face it: we live in a culture that values youthfulness – as shown by our billion dollar beauty industry. Given that there are laws to protect workers age 40 and older against age discrimination, I think job seekers owe it to themselves to keep age off of their resume and avoid unintentionally aging themselves.

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How to Salvage a Bad Interview

From Personal Branding Blog

Types of job interviews vary in their approach, but generally symptoms of a bad interview are universal. There are several signs that you’re in the midst of a bad interview, but the solutions below provide a quick way for you to solve them and direct the interview from bad to good, by focusing on your personal branding.

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How to Prepare for a Conference

By Madeline Roberts
Online Career Tips Contributor

Conferences are a one-stop-shop for networking, learning, and kick starting new ideas. They’re educational, entertaining, and can even serve as a mini-vacation. The preparation doesn’t end with registering and booking your travel, however; there’s more you can do in the weeks leading up to attending a professional conference.

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How Can You Apply Statistics to a Career?

By Martha Stillman
Faculty Member, Mathematics at American Public University

Statistics is one of the most fascinating – and well rewarded – professional fields you can choose to pursue. Here is a brief overview of the field. Statistics are used all around us for a wide variety of applications and statistics jobs are to be found in virtually every industry and service sector.

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Are Business Cards Still a Relevant Networking Tool?

By Rowe Leathers
Contributor, Career Services

A recent conversation with a colleague left me wondering if using business cards for networking is becoming obsolete. With the growing use of social media, is the business card no longer effective? Worse, does it make one appear dated and - eek! - very "90s"?

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Don't Get Disciplined: 5 Things You Should Not Do at Work

By Dr. John D. Moore
Online Career Tips, Special Contributor

As a career counselor and college educator, I have worked with scores of people who have found themselves in deep trouble with their employer because they unintentionally did some things that caused them to be disciplined. The “penalties” run the gamut – from having to endure an informal “sit-down” talk with the boss to a formal write up that is placed in the employee’s file. Other behaviors, however, have resulted in more serious actions – meaning termination.

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Tailor Your Resume to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Interview

By Jessica Bigger
Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor

The job market has gotten more competitive. Hundreds of applicants are applying for each job and those same job applicants are expected to not only meet the minimum requirements, but demonstrate significant skills related to the job description. Tailoring your resume will increase your chances of getting an interview, but like anything else there are no guarantees.

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