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Is Your Personality Helping or Hurting Your Job Search? Strategies for Preparing for a Job Interview Making the Most of Social Media at a Conference Startup Casual: A New Dress Code for a New Generation

Is Your Personality Helping or Hurting Your Job Search?

By Kristen Carter Contributor, Career Services With self-knowledge comes direction, and being in tune with yourself can help you make positive decisions regarding your career. When you are aware of and acknowledge your unique traits, you will be able to recognize certain areas that may need attention and how your personality may positively or negatively affect your job search.

Preparing for the job interview

Strategies for Preparing for a Job Interview

By Dr. Chuck Russo Program Director, Criminal Justice at American Military University Interviewing for a job is stressful. Here’s what you can expect so you can control your nerves.

Making the Most of Social Media at a Conference

Vlog with Madeline RobertsOnline Career Tips Contributor This video describes how social media can enhance your experience before, during, and after a professional conference. From updating your business cards to include your Twitter handle to following the event hashtag at home, these tips will help you make the most of social media at a conference.

Startup Casual: A New Dress Code for a New Generation

By Adrienne Erin Contributor, Online Career Tips If you land a job at a startup company, consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to invest in a typical business wardrobe of stuffy power suits and unforgiving shoes. When your work clothes are comfortable, yet polished and pulled together, you can focus on what’s most important: your job.

10 Reasons Your Brand Needs to Be on LinkedIn

tLinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals and companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand. While it’s an important platform for all businesses, LinkedIn can be a true game changer for B2B (business to business) companies.…

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Making the Transition from the Military to a Civilian Career

Veteran employment is on a steady rise due in part to the great skills that military professionals bring to the workplace. According to an Office of Personnel Management news release the percentage of veteran new hires hit a new high of 33.2% in 2014, surpassing the previous mark set in 2013, when 31 percent of all new Federal civilian hires were veterans.

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Use the Buzz Words

By Robert Gordon
Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management at American Public University

While I was working at Disney, I met many people who had great ideas. However, there was one person that I met there that stood out from the crowd.

He had worked for the company since he was a young boy. He had worked in a variety of roles throughout the company, but I think he missed his first job at Disneyland the most. Tom was hired by Walt Disney and had been with the company for his entire working life.

I had the chance to ask him one day, what some of the most important things in business were. He responded first that the most important thing to remember was to “use the buzz words.”

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6 Sectors Set to Explode with Career Opportunities

By Anica Oaks
Online Career Tips Guest Contributor

While the competition will be stiff, here is a look at some of the fastest growing sectors in the world and how potential employees can edge out the competition for the top spots.

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Filling the Void Before It Takes Over

By Jacquelyn Brookins
Contributor, Career Services

Here I was in a great new position that met all of my work desirables – doing something that makes a difference, a perfect work/life balance, and working with amazing colleagues and management – but I couldn’t help but wonder whether I would burn out or become dissatisfied rather quickly. The good news: I was able to recognize the problem before it surfaced to reflect and come up with a plan to move forward.

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Digital Archiving: The Marriage of History & Technology

By Stan Prager
Alumnus, American Public University

During my course of studies, digital archiving rapidly became my key area of interest. The museum had little experience in digital archiving techniques. As such, I brought to the table a background in technology as well as my studies in digitization at APU.

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Make a To Do List for Your Interview

It’s Time to Finish Your Degree

By Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth
Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

Are you thinking about finishing that master’s degree? Maybe you are taking a course here and there in between family vacations, career deployments, deaths, and births and as your budget permits. My advice: find a way to get it done—soon.

I have a secret. I have three unfinished master’s degrees. One from American University in Management Information Systems, one for George Washington University in Operations Research, and one from Catholic University of America in Nuclear Engineering. Together they represent 54 graduate hours of courses. Together, they are totally worthless.

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Grow with a Mentor

By Jean D. Francis, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, School of Business at American Public University

I met my first mentor at an early age: Mom. She was an exceptional mentor and strong role model. The example she set and the experiences she shared prepared me at an early age to develop the knowledge and skills in pursuit of my career path.

Early in my career, I sought a mentor to help maximize my full professional potential and create a clear career trajectory. Seeking a mentor was one of the best decisions that I had made.

Finding a mentor is a great way to take the next step in your career. Mentoring is a valuable developmental activity that is finding someone who has experience, is willing to share knowledge, and is eager to provide advice to help you reach your goals.

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