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Your Next Big Opportunity Is Closer Than You Think: Applying For Jobs Where You Currently Work How Will You Make 2015 a Better Year? From Hourly to Salary – the Pro’s and Con’s How Would You Categorize Your Career

Your Next Big Opportunity Is Closer Than You Think: Applying For Jobs Where You Currently Work

By Ann EasthamContributor, Career Services Sometimes your new perfect job is one at your own company, which can be exciting and awkward at the same time. Whether you are applying to a different department or for a promotion, consider these tips.

How Will You Make 2015 a Better Year?

By Rowe Leathers, GCDFContributor, Career Services With another year behind us, many are taking stock of their place in all aspects of life: family, personally, and professionally. A promotion in 2014 is strong validation that your career is on an upward trajectory. But what if you didn’t get a promotion? Does it mean that your career has reached a lull? Not necessarily. There are many factors affecting the momentum of your career that are out of your hands, but there are some you can direct.

From Hourly to Salary – the Pro’s and Con’s

Many people, myself included, have a moment in our professional lives when we decide to go from hourly to salary. When I received an offer for my first salaried job after working hourly positions since high school, I felt like I had finally “made it”. I was no longer measured by the numbers of hours worked but by the quality of the work I was doing. However, I failed to realize the cons of working a salaried position and began to miss the pros of working hourly.

How Would You Categorize Your Career

To quote the R&B group the O’Jays, “I love music.” Though unlike the O’Jay’s, I do not love just any kind of music, but prefer anything that can be considered funky. Typically, this includes Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Caribbean, roots Reggae, some Classical, R&B, and Rap. Music is a huge part of my life. When I am working, I usually listen to some type of music. I sing when I run, and when I am quiet, music is going through my mind.

Tell Me a Story

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

Connecting with audiences to provide information they need and being personal at the same time is a great formula for effective communication. People are reading your content to find something of value and telling them a relevant narrative is the perfect way to connect with them, but only if your content is helping them solve a problem.

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What "Take Your Child to Work Day" Looks Like at an Online University

By Amy N. Panzarella, SPHR, SHRM – SCP
Vice President, Human Resources at American Public University System

Since 2008, APUS has participated in the nationally recognized, “Bring Your Son or Daughter to Work Day.” On April 23, we welcomed students to our campus in Charles Town, W.Va. and offered each of them a unique opportunity to assimilate into a professional work environment; learn more about potential career opportunities; and understand what their parent does to contribute to APUS’s mission.

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Answering the Dreaded Request: “Tell Me About Yourself”

By Cathy Francois
Contributor, Career Services

When I do interview coaching, I find that many of my clients are uncomfortable with the open-ended request, “Tell me about yourself.” It’s a broad question that can be answered in an infinite amount of ways. Though it can be daunting, it’s typically one of the first questions asked during an interview and puts you in a position to really set the tone and direction of the interview, so your response better be good. Before you respond with a haphazard hodgepodge of your unorganized thoughts, consider my advice and remix the question.

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Parents: The One Thing You Can Do to Prepare Your High Schoolers to Succeed

By William Arruda

It may seem like joining LinkedIn as a teen is a sign that we’re making kids grow up too fast, but it doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or become a central focus. All it takes is a basic understanding of LinkedIn, a solid profile, and a few connections who are interested in being part of a future success story.

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Teleworking – An Employee’s Perspective

By Jessica Bigger
Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor

As more and more companies shrink their office space and move in the direction of 100% teleworking for their workforce, more individuals are starting to question whether the advantages of telecommuting outweigh the disadvantages.

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Wedding Etiquette in the Workplace

By Adrienne Erin
Online Career Tips, Contributor

Engaged women everywhere know the deal: planning a wedding is fun, but can also be a major headache. One instance that typically causes stress: balancing professionalism with wedding-related giddiness and planning in the workplace. Here are some wedding/workplace etiquette tips to keep you from looking like a fool… or a jerk.

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12 Fantastic Tools to Keep Your Productivity Level Up

By Megan Ritter

Staying productive in today’s digital age is challenging since data and information seems to be coming at us from all different angles. Most clever content marketers have already heard about or are already using Google Drive, Hootsuite, Trello and WordPress, but there are some other, lesser known online tools out there that are worthy of our consideration.

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Using Social Media to Build your Brand

By Shun McGhee
Contributor, Career Services

The other day, I was watching a commercial showcasing the talents of an up-and-coming designer of men’s clothes. I tried looking the designer up on the internet to I could learn more about his apparel, but I was unable to find the company’s website. How could he have been exposed to such a big advertising opportunity when he did not even have a website?

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