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How Would You Categorize Your Career Resume Lifecycle: Process Guidance for the Right Career Perception Good Looks and Lucrative Business

How Would You Categorize Your Career

To quote the R&B group the O’Jays, “I love music.” Though unlike the O’Jay’s, I do not love just any kind of music, but prefer anything that can be considered funky. Typically, this includes Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Caribbean, roots Reggae, some Classical, R&B, and Rap. Music is a huge part of my life. When I am working, I usually listen to some type of music. I sing when I run, and when I am quiet, music is going through my mind.

Resume Lifecycle: Process Guidance for the Right Career Perception

By J. Mason Online Career Tips Editor Here, at Online Career Tips, we are focused on providing intellectually stimulating content in the realm of the professional sphere, as well as tips to help push you in the right direction. I have compiled a list below that will help you flow through the resume lifecycle with a little less turbulence.

Careers in Real Estate – You’re Not Just Showing Houses

A licensed real estate agent with over 30 years experience, Pat Watson, shares all the different careers available to real estate professionals.

Good Looks and Lucrative Business – What You Should Know

What is a main element that interacts with physical appearance to give some people an attractive leg up? And more importantly, what are some traditional and not-so-traditional things can you do about it, no matter who you are when you step out the door in the morning?

How to Land Your Dream Job in 2015

By Roberta Matuson

One of my job searching coaching clients, who is a recent grad, just landed the job of his dreams in spite of having some tough challenges to overcome. He’s considered disabled by many because he is hard of hearing and wears a cochlear implant. He’s never let his loss of hearing stop him from moving his life forward. A great example to those of you who are seeking your dream job in 2015. If you are really going to accomplish this goal next year, then you best get moving. Here are some lessons he learned through our work together that will help you make your own dreams come true.

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How to Boost Your Career with a Seasonal Position

Cathy Francois, MBA, GCDF
Contributor, Career Services

A seasonal position can be more than just an opportunity to make some extra cash. It could also serve as an opportunity to network within an organization, or feel a position or industry out. When searching for seasonal opportunities, consider your long term career plan and the skills you would like to acquire or enhance. These skills may include customer service, sales, marketing, communication, inventory management, loss prevention, and event planning. Top seasonal industries include retail, warehouse & production, sales & marketing, customer service, media & entertainment, hotel & hospitality, law enforcement and security.

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Procrastinating? Try This Quick, Easy Trick to Get on Track

By Deborah Jian Lee

To stop procrastination in its track, try this one cognitive-behavioral therapy trick called “The Five-Minute Rule.” All you do is pick one task and commit to doing it for five minutes. You can stop after that, but most likely you won’t want to because you’ve already build momentum. Sometimes all it takes to get a project underway is the simple act of starting.

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How Wreaths Brought Thousands Together

By J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

Before most people go in search of their coffee cup on a Saturday morning I, along with numerous coworkers, was up way too early for a great cause. Wreaths Across America is a somber event that takes all over the United States, as well as more than 24 overseas cemeteries. The main event takes place in Arlington National Cemetery, where I was before the sun came up on December 13, 2014.

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The Art of Following Up

By Rowe Leathers, GCDF
Contributor, Career Services

One of the most important components in a job search is the interview follow up; yet it is one of the most overlooked and uncertain parts of the process. While many job seekers recognize this to be a critical step, many fear it because they don’t know what to say or, worse, don’t want to be a nuisance. To conquer your fear of making that call, consider shifting the way you think about it.

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tech tips for boomers

8 Technologies Boomers Need To Learn

By Clair Jones
Next Avenue Contributor

Have you ever wondered what your Millennial coworkers are doing when they’re glued to their smartphones or tablets? Maybe it’s time to have a closer look. They’re likely employing innovative technologies that you, too, should be using to make your job easier and make you more impressive to your current employer or your next one.

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Social Media Blogging: Easy Come, Easy Go?

By Miriam Hara

Social media blogging has become very accessible for businesses. With the advent of easy to implement content management site systems such as WordPress, the business blog is now a staple on many business’s websites – ours included! The business blog has provided one way to make that first impression count on many levels.

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Tips for Communicating on the Go

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

We’re on the go and our devices are letting us communicate as we move. Smartphones and tablets let us communicate anytime, anywhere. If you are opening and sending emails on smartphones and tablets, especially for business communication, it is important to adopt good mobile email manners.

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