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From Hourly to Salary – the Pro’s and Con’s How Would You Categorize Your Career Resume Lifecycle: Process Guidance for the Right Career Perception

From Hourly to Salary – the Pro’s and Con’s

Many people, myself included, have a moment in our professional lives when we decide to go from hourly to salary. When I received an offer for my first salaried job after working hourly positions since high school, I felt like I had finally “made it”. I was no longer measured by the numbers of hours worked but by the quality of the work I was doing. However, I failed to realize the cons of working a salaried position and began to miss the pros of working hourly.

How Would You Categorize Your Career

To quote the R&B group the O’Jays, “I love music.” Though unlike the O’Jay’s, I do not love just any kind of music, but prefer anything that can be considered funky. Typically, this includes Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Caribbean, roots Reggae, some Classical, R&B, and Rap. Music is a huge part of my life. When I am working, I usually listen to some type of music. I sing when I run, and when I am quiet, music is going through my mind.

Resume Lifecycle: Process Guidance for the Right Career Perception

By J. Mason Online Career Tips Editor Here, at Online Career Tips, we are focused on providing intellectually stimulating content in the realm of the professional sphere, as well as tips to help push you in the right direction. I have compiled a list below that will help you flow through the resume lifecycle with a little less turbulence.

Careers in Real Estate – You’re Not Just Showing Houses

A licensed real estate agent with over 30 years experience, Pat Watson, shares all the different careers available to real estate professionals.

How to Handle the Move From Function Chief to General Manager

By Roger Trapp

When an organization loses its way, there are almost inevitably questions about its leadership. And these, just as predictably, tend to focus on such matters as whether the leader in question was too charismatic or not charismatic enough, whether she had managed to convey their vision and whether the strategy they had decided upon was correct or even achievable. Often, though, the problems are more basic. For all the time, effort and money spent on leadership development, many executives find it difficult to make the leap from being a functional expert to becoming a general manager.

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4 Life Lessons from Being a Working Professional

By Tiffany Young
Online Career Tips Contributor

For most people, lessons happen along the way. It’s what you do with those tidbits of vital information that is most important. Just when we think we’ve learned something, life comes along and shows us there’s more. Here are four tips that are a result of my most recent life lessons while working on the job.

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How To Answer The “What Motivates You?” Interview Question

By Lauren Riley

Finding out what gets you out of bed in the morning will help the interviewer to figure out whether you’d be a good fit for the role, how you’d get on with the rest of the team and if you’re particularly self-motivated.

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Public Health Top 10 Priorities That Should Be “No More” in 2015

By Samer Koutoubi, MD, PhD
Program Director and Faculty Member, Public Health at American Public University

In the past calendar year the U.S. faced a number of public health scares. At the top of the list was Ebola. Moving on into 2015 there are still a number of threats to look out for in the public health arena. In the field of public health we need to strive to constantly keep ourselves informed, as well as informing the public around us. Here is my list of the top priorities in the field for 2015.

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5 Tips to Landing Your First Online Teaching Job

By Annette Clayton
Faculty Recruiter, American Public University System

It’s always challenging to land your first college teaching job, especially if it’s online teaching. Working from home is highly desirable and you will be competing with applicants from all over the country, making the applicant pool with your competitors even larger. Here are 5 quick tips for those seeking an online adjunct position.

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10 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015 (Infographic)

By Jomer Gregorio

As much as 97% of marketers use social media, with up to 92% acknowledging the importance of this tool for their businesses. The following provides an overview of new trends, highlights and things to watch out for next year so you can prepare yourself and your business for what’s in store for social media in 2015.

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Managing Relationships on LinkedIn

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

LinkedIn has added functionality to help you track your relationships with the people who you connect with there. These tools are a great way to enhance your current networking experience.

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How to Distinguish Yourself in a Wall Street Job Interview

By Ken Kam

Upon graduation, almost no one has significant work experience that distinguishes them from the crowd. So your teachers, your grades, and your interviews weigh heavily in Wall Street recruiters decisions. However, it is exceptionally difficult for Wall Street recruiters to figure out who can deliver good results for their firms’ clients, by reading resumes and conducting interviews.

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